Traditional Advertising

Traditional advertising across all media channels television, radio, print, outdoor, above the line & below the line

Hyperactive Advertising is equipped to deliver leading edge solutions that are tailored to meet individual business goals

Our success is measured by that of our clients. We firmly believe in working alongside our clients to produce the most effective solutions that are individually designed to suit each business. It’s a working partnership that ensures positive outcomes and continued growth.

With vast industry experience spanning over 30 years, Hyperactive Advertising offers a broad range of solutions that are effective, professional and most importantly deliver constant, measurable results for our clients.

Publication Design : Hyperactive Advertising can design and produce a wide range of corporate material to market your brand, from product catalogues and brochures to company profiles and annual reports. Our extensive experience and design portfolio means we can produce high quality corporate material that best reflects your company brand and effectively communicates your messages to the marketplace.
Outdoor Advertising: Increase product sales, customer enquiries and store traffic with well-designed promotional signage. Whether it’s strategically placed billboards, shopfront branding or in-store promotions, outdoor advertising and signage can work hard to deliver business success. At Hyperactive Advertising, we combine strong creative ideas with a range of outdoor media and retail options to achieve the best possible results. If you’re looking to advertise in-store, shopfront, street-side or mobile outdoor, let Hyperactive Advertising create a powerful campaign for your business.
Television Free to Air & Online: We can produce quality commercials and digital promotional clips to help promote your products or services on television and social media. We can help your business grow with strategically executed campaign planning and placement that is proven to reach audiences and convert them into customers. Our television strategies will ensure your message is seen and understood by your target audience. We can provide a variety of television promotional options to suit your business.
Radio Advertising: In addition to negotiating and securing optimal radio schedules to suit your budget, Hyperactive will produce on-air commercials to ensure your advertising message stands out from the crowd. We can help you to develop the initial concept and then produce your campaign for you. It’s important to have an expert working with you to ensure your campaign delivers the results you are looking for. We’ll help deliver the best possible return on your advertising investment.