Freedom Pools Australia: Full National Above The Line, Below The Line, SEO, Digital Strategy & Digital Marketing Services

THE CLIENT A family business for more than 45 years, Freedom Pools is a favourite of Australian families and exports to dozens of countries around the world. Past unethical SEO techniques by a previous SEO company put Freedom Pools in a difficult situation. THE CHALLENGE When the new Google Penguin algorithm crawled the website, 90% of the company’s recognised keywords were deindexed by Google. The website dropped from their first page ranking to languish well after page 10, making it almost impossible for customers to find them.

OUR SOLUTION First we notified Google of the bad links that played a major part in the deindexing of the site. We then created a new website and a Google Ads campaign to help counteract the negative effects. Because 90% of major short-tail keywords were no longer effective, we increased long-tail keywords for the website. The combination of SEO long-tail keywords and content marketing helped boost visitors despite the Google penalty.

THE LESSON Unethical SEO practices are not worth the risk. Google rankings can be improved by an ethical strategic approach to SEO. As Google Partners we understand how Google works and how to achieve positive SEO results. Check out the Freedom Pools website and tell us what you think.

Lot 20: SEO, Digital Strategy & Digital Marketing Services

How does a small function venue stand out in an overcrowded market? Rule one: Get noticed. You have to stand out. Be bold. Be different. The objective of this marketing campaign wasn’t simply to raise awareness of Lot Twenty as a venue for private functions.

It had to position Lot Twenty as the better option. The only function venue to put on someone’s shopping list.

With this concept we use a simple, strong headline approach with a font in keeping with the art deco feel of the logo. Each execution focused on a particular type of function; office, wedding, cocktail, corporate, to position Lot Twenty functions as the better option. The concept can be easily applied across all media, from posters, press and print to all digital formats and radio

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Whisk Creamery: Brand Development & Digital Marketing Strategy

THE CLIENT Whisk Creamery is an artisanal gelato manufacturer and retailer that came to Hyperactive before opening its first store in Rokeby Road, Subiaco at the end of 2014. THE CHALLENGE How do you launch a new Italian ice cream brand and compete in a market full of well-established multinational franchise brands on a limited budget?

OUR SOLUTION Hyperactive created the brand from scratch. We came up with the Whisk Creamery name, designed the logo and marketing collateral, shot the photography and built the website. We then used social media to build brand awareness and drive customers to the grand opening, which saw people queuing along the street to get their first taste of a Whisk gelato.

THE LESSON Not all launches require big budgets to be effective. We helped launch this new start-up business utilising purely social media channels.

Guildford Grammar School: Digital Strategy & Web Development

THE CLIENT Guildford Grammar School is a leading independent school situated on the banks of the Swan River 15 kilometres from the centre of Perth. The college caters for almost 1200 students, from the co-educational preparatory (junior) school to the boys-only senior school. The school community includes day students as well as full-time boarders and provides a caring environment built on friendship, work, sport and activities. THE CHALLENGE Keeping the lines of communication flowing and engaging with multiple stakeholders and communities is a challenge for any business. For Guildford Grammar the brief was to provide a website and digital strategy that would enable the client’s communications manager to fully maintain the site content in-house, as well as communicate with specific stakeholder groups through email newsletters, bulletins and personalised invitations. The challenge was to achieve this objective in a seamless manner that’s easy to manage.

OUR SOLUTION Hyperactive customised Guildford Grammar’s website to provide full control to their in-house personnel. All pages and page content are generated dynamically through the content management system. Multiple features and templates were developed to enable seamless e-DM communications to be pushed out automatically to segmented subscriber groups. For example, once a page is published to the website, the same page content is dynamically converted to an e-DM and pushed to a specific group of email subscribers. Another example is the capacity to create a single invitation to an event, then automatically mail it as a personalised invitation to individual invitees, addressing each by name.

THE LESSON A well-designed website can provide a business with more than just the ability to display content on the internet. It can also enable the business to seamlessly integrate its broader communication and customer engagement functions. This makes it easier to manage and less costly to maintain.

Segals Outdoor Furniture: Full Advertising & Marketing Services, Above The Line, Below The Line, SEO, Digital Marketing & Web Development

THE CLIENT Segals is a leading West Australian retailer of quality outdoor furniture and accessories, offering Perth’s largest collection of stylish and on-trend products at affordable prices. With four superstores located in Balcatta, Joondalup, Myaree and Mandurah, Segals uses their significant buying power to negotiate real savings on quality items, which are passed on directly to their customers. THE CHALLENGE Even with four bricks and mortar stores, Segals recognised that not all customers are able to visit one of the stores. To enable customers from regional WA and other States to view and select Segals products via the internet, a high performance e-commerce website was needed. A key requirement was to deliver a website with all the features of a high performance e-commerce website while making it easy for the client’s own personnel to fully maintain the site content in-house.

OUR SOLUTION Hyperactive created an e-commerce website and customised it to provide full control of the website to the client’s in-house personnel. All page content is dynamically generated through the content management system. The in-house site administrator can set content categories and choose how the content is filtered and grouped. This makes it easy to cater for customers according to their preferred way of browsing – by specific product type, a particular decorating style or the material from which the product is made. Customers who like to take their time choosing can save items to a personal wish list and return to their selection at a later date. A customer can also share the item on Facebook if they would like some feedback from friends.

THE LESSON Having a high performance e-commerce website doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune paying external suppliers to keep your product pages or general site content up to date. If a site is built according to best practice web development principles, content management should be easy for anyone with mid-level skills in Microsoft Office applications – and a couple of hours of training by our user training team.

Satellite 13 Entertainment Group: Brand Development & Digital Marketing

THE CLIENTSatellite 13 Entertainment Group specialises in artist management, record production and music publishing. Satellite 13 is currently working with artists, songwriters and producers from USA, Australia, Europe and England.THE CHALLENGE As a new start-up competing on the international stage, Satellite 13 needed a website to reflect the brand’s innovative and professional personality with multiple functionalities to showcase its artistic talent to a global audience and sell their music. Just as importantly, the website needed to be easy to manage

OUR SOLUTION By customising live feeds from selected partners, Hyperactive created an automated website that updates immediately from YouTube, SoundCloud and Facebook within Satellite 13’s high impact branding style. The client simply updates their artist’s video or music on the partner site and it automatically updates the Satellite 13 website.

THE LESSON No need for big clunky websites anymore. Integration between your social media, distribution partners and CMS can now be automated inside your branding for a slick, professional result

Ross's Auctioneers & Valuers: New Customer Acquisition Strategy

THE CLIENT Ross’s Auctioneers' media exposure was very targeted to a specific traditional demographic. Running in the classified section of The West Australian Newspapers for many years, this strategy targeted audiences who were already aware of Ross’s Auctioneers and were very familiar with the bidding process. THE CHALLENGE We wanted to reach a new audience demographic that had not been tapped into via the current advertising strategy, without loosing the current strong customer base they have always had.

OUR SOLUTION Our new strategy was to renegotiate media rates for Ross’s and expand their reach by doubling their media exposure and growing their market share by targeting a huge untapped audience. The domestic consumer. All those hundreds of thousands of people who were blissfully unaware that Ross’s Auctioneers even exists, and that they don’t have to pay top dollar for the goods they want. It’s a win-win situation for everybody. Generating increased numbers of bidders, means Ross's vendors gets a higher price, the bidders gets a great bargain, and Ross’s increases its commissions.

THE LESSON It always pays to look at your current marketing strategy and make adjustments that help your business take advantage of new opportunities as they become available.